Working at Mission Hall

A Day in the Life at Mission Hall


  • Workstation areas are generally quiet, although different groups have different norms. Be sure to notice any signage in the area you are speaking and use a considerate volume.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and respect your colleagues. Be mindful of loud discussions, noise, and cell phone conversations in common areas. 
  • Avoid using speakerphone at your workstation. Develop a softer telephone voice and adjust your ring loudness.
  • You are welcome to eat at your desk, however be considerate of aromatic foods.
  • Make sure to use the compost and recycle bins in the town center/kitchen area. Your desk-side container is not serviced daily.
  • Fire code prohibits use of personal space heaters, refrigerators, coffee machines, microwaves, etc. These types of items are not allowed at workstations. 
  • Wear your badge at all times. This helps others know who you are and recognize that you are a UCSF employee.
  • Scents: please refrain from using perfume, cologne, other scented products or having flowers. Remember that your colleagues might have allergies!
  • Focus and huddle rooms can be used for collaborative, private and heads-down focused work. They are unscheduled meeting spaces.
    • When in use, keep the door closed. Once finished, leave the door open and the lights off so others know they can use the room.
  • Kitchen etiquette is very important in a shared environment. Make sure to clean up after yourself (do your own dishes) and respect other people's belongings/food. 
  • Is it Compostable? Rules to keep in mind:
    • When in doubt, put it in the garbage.
    • If it’s from a milk product bought in the refrigerator section - YES
    • If it can rot or decay - YES
    • If it is a paper or waxy product and you are eating off it – YES      
    • If it was made from a plant, tree or animal - YES
  • Make sure to lockup your belongings when leaving the building, including documents and laptops. 

Furniture and Ergonomics

The ergonomics of your workstation are important to your health. Please see the UCSF Ergonomics Program for more information on training and resources to help you set up your workstation successfully.

Effective in 2018, UCSF has partnered with One Work Place for updates to work station furniture. See the updated workstation furniture change process workflow and checklist. One Work Place contacts can be found here.

Find the Right Desk Height

Telephone Instructions

Your phone at your workstation is has many new features including call-parking. Please use these guides for the Cisco 7841 and the Cisco 8961 to help you make the most of your telphone set. 

Facilities Services

Maintaining the building is important to us. To report maintenance issues with the building, please call 415.476.2021 or work with your floor coordinator to submit a work order. The Contact Us page has all the necessary contact information. 

The janitorial services will be rolling out a new Cleaning System software to ensure the proper and efficient cleaning of each floor on scheduled days. As this new software is implemented, please be patient as we get it started. You can also review the Campus Life Services - Janitorial Schedule

Temperature and lighting are automatically controlled during the building hours of operation: 6am - 6pm, Monday thru Friday. If you are working outside of these hours, please see these instructions for how to override the automatic settings. 

HIPAA Compliance

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance in an activity-based workplace is similar to that of a hospital environment. Neighborhood employees authorized to work at Mission Hall receive privacy and security training and sign the UCSF Confidentiality Statement, and as such, should understand their obligation to protect confidential information. While others may hear one side of the conversation, it is similar to a nurse or doctor hearing a conversation about a patient in a hospital setting. 

It is important to note that it is one’s behavior, not the environment, that needs to be HIPAA compliant. Additional training can be provided by the Privacy office if needed. Please contact (415) 353-2750 for privacy-related questions.

Mail and Packages

Mail will be picked up and delivered daily to the reception desk on each floor as listed below. Delivery personnel are not authorized to deliver any packages or mail to individual work stations. The zip code for ALL UCSF deliveries within the City and County of San Francisco should be 94143 if being delivered by USPS or UPS. If delivered by FedEx, use the appropriate zip code. For Mission Hall, please use the following format:

First Name Last Name
UCSF Department, Box XXXX

550 16th Street, X Floor
San Francisco, CA 94143

Fed-Ex deliveries: Use 94158

Access and Security

To ensure safety and privacy of the occupants at Mission Hall, an activated UCSF badge is required to access any floors between 2-7. All visitors must check-in at Security Desk to access Floors 2-7.

Security Desk email and telephone: [email protected] and 415-476-5190 

Elevators: Upon boarding an elevator, swipe your badge, when the light turns green, push your floor button. Each person must swipe before pushing their floor. A valid badge must be swiped to operate the elevators. If your badge is not working properly, please contact your Floor Coordinator or manager.

For general badge and access inquiries, contact the WeID Program at: 
telephone: 415/476-2088 


Bike Racks: located on east side of Mission Hall; Covered bike parking is available in the Third Street and Owens Street parking garages. (see map)

Restrooms: Bathrooms located on First and Second Floors.

Lactation/Wellness Rooms: located on Floors 3, 5 and 7 – contact [email protected] for access. If you are a visitor or do not have access yet, let any of the floor coordinators know and they can open the room for you to use.

Public Parking: locations at Third Street garage, Owens Street garage and Medical Center (see map).

Mission Bay Shuttle: stop locations found here (see map).

2nd Floor - Conference Rooms

The conference rooms located on the second floor are scheduled through 25Live via MyAccess. For tutorials on 25Live and more information, please visit the ETS 25Live webpage. For conference rooms in the secured areas on floors 2 thru 7, please contact the appropriate floor coordinator. Contact information can be found here.

UCSF Alcohol Policy + ETS Food and Beverage Policy + No Show Charges

Signage + Digital Signage

If you would like to display something on the digital monitors in the lobby, please contact CLS Digital Signage for help posting your information. When digital signage is installed on each floor, you can work with your floor coordinator if there is something you would like to post. Please do not post flyers or posters on walls as this is a fire hazard. 

Each elevator has three sign holders for 8.5 x 11 flyers. These are for use by the Mission Hall community only. Please see the Elevator Posting Guidelines for information on how to make posting. In order to maintain fairness, please do not post flyers for events more than 1 week in advance. Please do not use tape on the elevator walls as this damages the finish. 


Please have all visitors sign in at the security desk. If you are expecting visitors, expedite your visitor's check-in process by informing the security officers in advance by emailing [email protected]


ABW: Activity Based Workplace
Breakout Area: open areas throughout the building for informal gathering
Conference Rooms: Small, medium and large conference rooms available throughout the building. The 1st and 2nd floor conference rooms are scheduled through 25Live. Contact the appropriate floor coordinator for access to conference rooms on a particular floor.
File Room: Shared file areas throughout each floor. More information can be found out from your unit supervisor or floor coordinator.
Focus Room: An unscheduled room that accommodates 1-2 people for focused work.
Huddle Room: An unscheduled room that accommodates 3-4 people for focused work.
Print Area: Each floor has up to three shared print/copy/scan area, where Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) are available for use. These MFDs also have faxing capabilities.
Sandwich/Block: A sandwich or block is comprised of two floors that share a town center. Three sandwiches are in Mission Hall, floors 2&3, 4&5, and 6&7. 
Town Center: A shared space for collaboration, break-room, eating, socializing and a kitchen.
Workstation: Your personal work space.