Herbst Learning Commons

Classroom and Conference Rooms

Classroom spaces and conference rooms located on the first floor are available for general university use with priority scheduling given to numbered academic courses scheduled through 25Live. For tutorials on 25Live and more information, please visit the ETS 25Live webpage. On-site support is available in MH 1500.

UCSF Alcohol Policy + ETS Food and Beverage Policy + Now Show Charges

The Hub and The Hideout

The Hub and The Hideout are open 24/7 to UCSF students, fellows and other personnel on a drop-in basis. The Hub is an active work area designed for collaborative activity, group projects and meet-ups. Amenities include a variety of clustered furniture, whiteboard walls, treadmill work stations, large screen display and printer. There is also a service desk, staffed at certain hours to provide practical assistance with a range of issues, including computer support, data management and literature searching.

The Hideout is a quiet space intended for solitary study, hidden away from the distractions of the rest of the campus. It has individual study carrels, some height-adjustable desks, and tables for those who prefer to spread out while studying for long hours.

Student Services

Located on the first floor of Mission Hall in Room 1300, Student Services is available by appointment and provides the following:

Limited Office of the Registrar Services:

  • Accepts forms and petitions (for transmittal to the Parnassus Registrar Office)
  • Holds transcripts and diplomas as requested by the student
    • Please CLICK HERE for information regarding requesting a diploma pick-up at Mission Bay
  • Transcripts can be requested online via the UCSF Student Portal
  • Note: All in-person fee payments must be made at the Parnassus location.

Graduate Division:

Student Questions Regarding:

Faculty/Staff Questions Regarding:

  • APM430 Visiting Scholar processing
  • Exceptional cases in regard to academic progression
  • Graduate student progression forms processing
  • Support in using the Graduate application system
  • Support in using the What-Do-You-Think course evaluation system

All questions can also be directed to [email protected].