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About Mission Hall

Mission Hall: Global Health and Clinical Sciences Building opened in September 2014 in an innovative new design concept and the first of its kind at UCSF. As an Activity-Based Workplace (ABW), this building brings a new way of working to UCSF. ABW is based upon the following key elements:

  • Efficient, open space for maximum flexibility of layout
  • Defined spaces for privacy, meetings, conferences, collaboration and community, in addition to a dedicated work station
  • A variety of spaces to support a variety of work styles
  • Access to natural light and views for all

This Online User’s Guide will provide some guidance to help you transition into the innovative design of Mission Hall: The Global Health and Clinical Sciences Building. As with all new buildings, and in particular, a new design, it takes time to get things right and working. By working together through any glitches together with your neighbors and Mission Hall community, it will help the ease the transition and learning curve.

Innovative and shared spaces require a patience and cooperation among colleagues that exceeds the expectations in a more traditional workspace. Respect for the needs of your colleagues, patience, understanding and compromise will be required as everyone transitions into the new space.