Campus Quick Links

Campus Life Services

  • Arts & Events: find tickets and discounts to theater, amusement parks, dining, entertainment, and events on and off campus.
  • Fitness & Recreation: time to step it up! Follow this link for membership, schedules, and information about the UCSF fitness centers.
  • Retail Services: information is available for all of the dining, shopping, catering, and banking at UCSF.
  • Housing: for current and prospective tenants, find on and off campus locations as well as short term or long term housing needs.
  • Family Services & Childcare: need a babysitter or a new child care center? More information here!
  • Documents & Media: Everything to do with design, photography, video, and printing.
  • Living Well: Live better and take care of yourself with information and events from our experts.

Transportation/Getting Around

  • Shuttles: The UCSF shuttle services take you where you want to go and in comfort!
  • Alternative Transportation: Need to go farther than the shuttles can go? Find alternative transportation so you don't have to drive.
  • Pre-Tax Savings Program: Save money on your commute with these resources.
  • Parking & Permits: Parking lot locations and how to get a permit is just a click away.
  • Biking: Ride a bike? Here's some information you need to know!
  • Online Forms & Services: For all your transportation needs, here are forms and some services that can be taken care of online.
  • Maps & Directions: Campus maps and directions to key location on-campus.